Only 26 days until the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon!

This week was a cut-back week in terms of mileage. It was needed after the long run of 21 miles the previous weekend. For the most part, I ran slowly and stayed in the easy zone for the majority of the week. Sunday was the only day that called for a run at effort.

The 16-mile marathon simulation run was done using the PEAR Sports training system. I brought my phone and wore a heart monitor and earphones the entire way. Wearing extra gear was not my favorite thing, but I found the training system to be very helpful. By wearing the headphones and heart monitor, the runner is able to hear verbal cues from their coach using a pre-recorded workout program adjusted to their particular running goals.

In my case, I was listening to the sound of Andrew Kastor’s voice telling me to slow down, or focus on my form, etc. My goal was to run the workout at an average pace of  7:20 per mile. I ended up running at about 7:29 per mile. I’m not too worried. I still think 7:20 is a reasonable pace for race day. But, we’ll see what the coach has to say about it.

I have some speedier running on tap this week and a 22-mile long run. The miles will creep back up into the 50’s for the last time before tapering begins. Things are getting real now that October is here.

How is your NYC marathon training going? Add a comment or ask a question below.

Don’t forget to show off your #MarathonBeard during your marathon training.