I’m Running in the The Timex One Relay!

timex one relay

Running is a very personal sport, but it can benefit an entire community. Many of us begin running for very personal reasons. In time, we reach our desired goals and run because it is who we have become. At this point, we strive to find even more meaning in our daily runs and look for ways that our running can benefit others.

charity milesOne incredibly easy way to make the most of your runs is to use the CharityMiles app. This is an app that runs on your phone and turns every mile you run or walk (or ride) into a 25 cent donation towards the charity of your choosing. You simply start the app and go run.

Timex Sports is working with CharityMiles to do even more. They are organizing and sponsoring the Timex One Relay, an unprecedented 800 mile, 22-day journey featuring more than 100 runners and spanning the Chicago and NYC Marathons to help raise funds for deserving charities. The relay kicks-off on October 9th. For every mile traveled between Chicago and New York, Timex will donate $100 to one of those designated charities.

wounded warrior project

I have the honor and privilege to be running a 7-mile leg of the Timex One Relay in Philadelphia on October 23rd. I will be raising money for the Wounded Warriors Project. This project is aimed at helping our veterans recover, adjust, and succeed in their transition from combat to civilian life at home. With our help, WWP can foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation’s history. I am grateful to have the chance to help those who have sacrificed so much of themselves to protect and defend our country.

You can follow the progress of the Timex One Relay on Facebook, Twitter and at onerelay.timex.com Runners will be wearing the new Timex IronMan One GPS+ watch. So, you can track the relay progress in real-time and to send messages of encouragement directly to the runners, who will receive them on their watch along the route.

2 thoughts on “I’m Running in the The Timex One Relay!

  1. I am happy you are running the One Timex Relay and for the Wounded Warriors Project!
    Congratulations on all of your efforts. Judy

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