The Foolproof CamelBak Forge Travel Mug

I tend to get a little paranoid about flu season, and that means lots of warm beverages. My spicy Chai Tea with honey is delicious, but it loses its appeal as soon as it gets cold. Enter the CamelBak Forge, a great new product that hits the shelves just in time for the holiday season.


The CamelBak Forge is the first travel mug by CamelBak and it has a self-sealing lid and lock-open button combination. This allows for spill-proof carrying and the ability to vent the drink for temperature control when needed. CamelBak has recreated the in-home coffee and tea experience on the go.

CamelBak Forge

The CamelBak Forge can withstand the drops and dings of everyday life, and the lid can easily be removed for hand-washing or a quick clean in the dishwasher. Drinks will stay hot for up to 4 hours, and its the perfect size for cup-holders.

I road-tested my CamelBak Forge, and almost burned my tongue 2 hours after leaving house. The one-handed design makes it easy to use when driving, and the seal will keep your shirt clean. Check them out at or

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