21 Eureka Moments That Only Runners Have

long distance runner

long distance runner

Eureka moments of genius are common to runners. They happen mid-run as a result of fatigue, high endorphins, low cortisol, self-righteousness, and a groovy “one-with-naturedness” that would make Ralph Waldo Emerson envious. However, like shooting stars, these epic revelations often fade to black moments later. 

  • Health insurance would be so much cheaper if everybody did what I’m doing.
  • I really need to get one of those rain buckets, and maybe raise some chickens too.
  • Damn you, diesel-belching trucks that pollute the air! I’m trying to breathe.
  • An Ironman finish would be spectacular, I just need to learn how to swim for miles.
  • I can live without cable. No, I can’t. Yes, I can.
  • Dogs really are man’s best friend, except that one…
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if these roads had running lanes made of wood chips?
  • Will running help me enjoy a longer life, or just enjoy being alive?
  • We should really make a decision on kilometers versus miles.
  • I wonder if I’m missing something in a place that I’ll never visit?
  • There must be other life forms running on other planets.
  • People should be OK with other people drinking from their garden hose.
  • I could calculate my distance using these mile markers if I started where the road began.
  • I can totally wear tights without shorts in the winter
  • Just saw a wild turkey limping across the road with a broken foot… Nature’s a bitch.
  • A hill is just a flat road at an angle, so get over it.
  • If our knees bent the other way, I bet my quads would be tight all the time.
  • I wonder if I could reuse the salt on my skin? Nah, that’d be gross.
  • We should go somewhere at some point in the future and do something awesome. Definitely.
  • I’m so tired and thirsty. These people trapped in cars don’t know what they’re missing.
  • If a runner poops in the trees and nobody sees him, did it really happen?

What ‘eureka moments’ have you had? Share your thoughts in the Comments.

5 thoughts on “21 Eureka Moments That Only Runners Have

  1. People should know that unopened Gatorade stashed in bushes is serving a purpose for someone.

    Freezing cold runs are good reminders that we are very much alive.

    Running into the wind is the best resistance training.

    Life is good, an running makes it better.

  2. I am not running to add years to my life…I am running to add life to my years!

    Hey Mr. President…what better way to stimulate the economy than to forgive student loans for everyone that is working in the field that their degree is in???

    Evolutionist vs. Creationist… why does everyone assume that 24 hours to us is a single day to God??? 7 days may = billions of years on God’s watch….Duh?!?! Can’t they all just get along??

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