Saucony Winter Running Gear

Running outside in the winter is invigorating! Yes, it’s cold. Yes, it’s snowy. And, yes, you might get some funny looks running on wintry days when schools are cancelled, and stores are selling out of canned goods and bottled water. But, you’re a runner with a secret.

Shhh! It looks worse than it really is. If you’re wearing the right gear, you’re going to enjoy those quiet runs through pristine streets blanketed in new fallen snow. The trick is to layer strategically and wear the least amount of gear necessary to keep you warm. Pay special attention to your head, hands, feet, and core.

I recently added two great pieces of Saucony winter running gear to my collection, the Saucony Razor Hat and the Saucony Ulti-Mitt. Both pieces are made from a breathable, lightweight, material that will protect you from the elements and keep you warm and dry.

Saucony Razor Hat

Saucony Razor Hat

The Saucony Razor hat is a comfortable fleece-lined hat that pulls down over your ears to keep you warm on cold days. The Razor is both waterproof and windproof. The hat collapses easily and can be stored in the pocket of a jacket.

A small visor in the front adds both style and function. Panels on the back of the hat allow moisture to vent away from your head keeping you dry even as you perspire. I’ve worn this hat in temperatures ranging from 15-40° and it’s been quite comfortable.

Saucony Ulti Mitt

Saucony Ulti Mitt

The Saucony Ulti Mitt is a great option for runners that heat up during the run and need both mittens and gloves. The convertible mitten design allows runners to choose the coverage they need on the go. For those who are ‘connected’ on the run, the conductive thumb and index finger allow for use of touchscreen devices while wearing the glove.

The Saucony Ulti Mitt is made from a windproof and waterproof material. It’s available in black, electric and orange. The bright colors and reflective logos will help drivers to see you better in poor weather conditions. Of particular importance and convenience, are the soft fleece nose wipes on the thumbs, and the small magnets that allow you to hang you mittens up or keep them together as a pair.

At 6′ 3″ and 170 pounds, I have a difficult time keeping my fingers warm in the winter. The Ulti Mitt works for me until the temperatures drop below freezing. At that point, I’ll double up with a large pair of wool mittens over them.

If you dress appropriately, you’ll enjoy running all winter long. Be careful out there, and stay on your feet!

3 thoughts on “Saucony Winter Running Gear

  1. i ran a half on saturday in pouring rain (yay new england), and i could have used my saucony gloves (i used just a cheap pair of throwaways as i didnt think i would actually need gloves because it wasnt terribly cold…without the rain). upon finishing the race, my fingers were swollen and stiff and unusable. i definitely could use a waterproof had too. great review, and i love my saucony mitts!

      • It was the jingle bell half! Would much rather run in last years weather of 9 degrees over a little bit warmer but pouring rain…and this was just a training run for me which went well for not being at the top of my game. the BF pulled out a PR of 1:24 so apparently he just wanted to finish and get out of the rain.