Ask the Coach: Marathon Training Plan for 400-lb Man

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Marathon Training for a 400-lb Man

What would training be like for a 400 lbs man, who would like to do the Boston marathon, with Joe Andruzi Foundation (former pats player). I dealt with cancer 3 years ago. Had 3 forms. I want to help him raise money to fight cancer for patients who need financial help. I know it is a lottery to join with him. Thanks.   -Scott, Danville NH


First of all, congratulations on your decision to start running. Not only, will you be running for yourself, but you’ve already identified an even bigger reason. You’re doing this to help others.

Before you begin any type of training plan, consult your doctor(s) to be sure that you are healthy enough to undertake this ambitious plan. Once you are given the green light, then things get interesting.

My advice would be to start slow and set a series of realistic goals that eventually lead to the marathon. Maybe it begins with a walk around the neighborhood for 10 minutes, then 15 minutes, then a half hour. Next a walk/run program that leads to a 5k. Then, based on how you’re feeling, you might raise the stakes by training for a 10K, 10-Miler, etc. It’s important that you allow yourself time to become fit, and celebrate all the small accomplishments along the way.

Can you do it? Yes. But, it will take time and high level of commitment. I wish you the very best in reaching your goal. Please let me know how you’re doing along the way. Good Luck!

-Coach Saltmarsh