Hoka One One Bondi 4

A Review of the Hoka One One Bondi 4

The Hoka One One, is a shoe that people will instantly recognize and probably feel compelled to ask you about. The mattress-sized cushion of the Bondi 4 is the antithesis of minimalism, and is visual proof of Hoka One One’s commitment to comfort.

Men's Bondi 4 review

Men’s Bondi 4

The Bondi 4 offers comfort in the form of plush cushioning and attention to detail. The heel, the tongue, and the upper are all built with the goal of providing a great feeling shoe that will coddle your feet mile after mile. The shoe weighs in at 11 oz. and sports a 33mm heel and a 29mm forefoot.

Hoka One One is Mauri for “flies over the earth.” It’s pronounced as Ho-ka Oh-ney Oh-ney by those in the know, but it’s most commonly pronounced in the English form.

Runners will feel like their feet are landing on a nest of soft pine needles, instead of the hard surface of the paved roads and sidewalks. The rocker shaped style of the shoe promotes an efficient toe-off motion and naturally propels runners forward. A popular shoe among the ultra crowd, the Bondi 4 is built for distance.

Bondi 4 women review

Women’s Bond 4


The Hoka One One Bondi 4 is definitely a shoe for those seeking comfort and stability. The oversized sole will absorb the pounding of even the worst heel-strikers, and make running bearable for those who cannot find comfort in other running shoes. The rubber outsole is durable and provided ample traction on the rainy streets during my test runs.

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The Hoka One One Bondi 4 is a specialty shoe. In my opinion, it is not the right shoe for speed demons, track workouts, and short race distances. Some will find that the cushioning is simply too much and yearn for the feel of the road. The cushioning is so effective, that it may also hide poor foot strikes and result in compromised running form.


The Bondi 4 is a signature model for Hoka One One. It is all about comfort and keeping runners on their feet and moving forward. If you’re looking for a shoe that’ll make you feel like your floating over the roads, give the Bondi 4 a try.

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4 thoughts on “Hoka One One Bondi 4

    • Hey Steve, Good question. I haven’t had them long enough to put in a ton of miles. I reached out to the manufacturer and will let you know as soon as I hear back. They should run for 500+ before wearing out.

  1. What is the difference between the men’s and women’s version….a specialty running store sold me the men’s version before I knew any better. I seem to be having trouble with extreme leg fatigue and sore hips, gluts, hams, beyond 8 miles with these and am wondering if the cut is contributing….TIA.

    • Nicki,

      Women tend to be lighter, have narrower feet in the heel region as compared to men, and their biomechanics are slightly different. So shoe manufacturers adapt their models to meet the needs of the genders a bit differently. I’m not sure this is the reason for your fatigue, but I would suggest looking at a shoe designed specifically for women. A specialty running store should know better.