CHill Pill 2 shoe review

The STR/KE MOVEMENT Chill Pill 2 is a throwback to the days of Jams, board shoes, HÜsker DÜ and the Violent Femmes. If you don’t know the reference, let’s just say it’s old school punk reborn in a retro looking sneaker made to turn heads and keep your feet fresh. The Chill Pill 2 is not exactly a running shoe, but it’s a shoe you’ll want to wear the other 23 hours of the day.

chill pill 2 colors

The STR/KE MOVEMENT Chill Pill 2 comes in four colors: Detroit Blue, Grey Fleece, Woodland Camo, and Vapor Grey. This lightweight (7 oz.) shoe comes with a comfortable upper and a stable, ground-hugging rubber outsole that sports a minimal stack (3.9mm) height to keep you balanced and moving naturally on your feet. Rubber inlays on the bottom of the sneaker provide grip in a wide range of weather conditions.

The Chill Pill 2 features the STR/KE Pleasure Pocket, a small pocket at the top of the shoes tongue which allows you to stash your laces out of sight. This not only makes the shoe look awesome, but it prevents the laces from getting in your way. The Chill Pill 2 will appeal to CrossFit athletes, weight lifters, boxers, and other athletes who want a functional sneaker with swagger and style.

The STR/KE MOVEMENT Chill Pill 2 is available in both men’s and women’s sizes, and retails for $90.

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