Mizuno Breath Thermo Jacket Review

The Mizuno Breath Thermo Jacket is the best winter running jacket I’ve ever worn. Really. I review lots of gear, and this one stays on a hook right next to the door. The Mizuno BT Jacket features a wind and water-resistant lightweight shell, a cinchable drawstring to keep the cold out, and Mizuno’s Breath Thermo panels and Body Mapping design. A baselayer and this jacket is all you need for winter runs here in New England.


Men’s Mizuno Breath Thermo Jacket comes in Indigo/Black, Green Flash/Black, and Black/Charcoal

Breath Thermo technology removes the moisture from your body while doubling the heat. This means you can run with less layers and stay comfortable in cold climate conditions. I am stunned by how well this works. I’ve worn my jacket in temperatures all the way down to 4º F with only a long sleeve tech shirt underneath and been just fine.

The jacket material flexes easily and allows for full range of movement while running and stretching. There are two pockets for storage, and has Black lite color reflective material on both the front and back of the jacket for increased visibility. The lock-down zipper has a garage to prevent chafing under the chin.


The Women’s Mizuno Breath Thermo Jacket comes in Plumeria/Black, Sea Blue/Black, Black/Charcoal

Every once in a while a product comes out that changes the game. For me, that’s the Mizuno Breath Thermo Jacket this season. If you want to run lighter and warmer, give this jacket a closer look at Mizuno USA.