Are You Ready for Double Racing?

Imagine running a tough 15K (9.3 miles) race, taking a quick 1:45 break to refuel and catch your breath, and then heading out for another 5K to reach the finish line. Or maybe you would rather race 3K, rest for 1:20, and race another 2K to finish the 5K distance. Welcome to Double Racing.

Double Racing, or just Double, refers to a new race format that consists of a 2-stage run with a brief halftime break in between stages. It’s a race with a halftime. Weird, right? It’s the latest venture from Bob Anderson, the founder of Runner’s World magazine.

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Anderson thinks that Double Racing is going to explode in popularity over the next few years. He’s hoping that it may even be an Olympic event someday. So, is he right? Or, will runners dismiss this new racing format?

Double Racing is going to attract millions of participants around the world within six years. –Bob Anderson, Double Racing

Double Racing is governed by the DRRF (Double Road Race Federation). In addition to setting rules and regulations and keeping records and stats, the DRRF awards cash prizes to world record holders and leaderboard athletes. Anderson has even launched a new magazine called Double Runner.

Running a Double strikes me as being similar to track and field, where runners often have several minutes in between events to recover and get ready for their next race. But, those events are shorter and the break in between events is longer.

As much as I would like to take a couple of minutes to recover around mile 10 of a half marathon, it kind of feels like it would interrupt my flow. I guess I would need a whole new race strategy. Maybe that’s what makes this concept of the Double interesting.

The Double offers runners the unique challenge of running a race that requires a whole new strategy. Think about how you might approach this race. How much do you leave in the tank between the first and second stage? How much better will you feel after resting for less than 2 minutes? Do you keep moving during the break? Hmmm…

I guess I won’t know how I feel until I run a Double Race. And, that’s exactly what Bob Anderson is counting on. He knows runners have a hard time backing down from a challenge. So, what do you think? Does Double Racing make sense to you?

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