Opedix KNEE-TEC 2.0 Tights

Spring is officially here in New Hampshire, but temperatures are still in the single digits, and the biting wind will take your breath away. Fortunately, Opedix has sent me a pair of their Knee-Tec 2.0 running tights to keep me going until warmer weather arrives.

Opedix tights are specifically designed to improve joint function while reducing pain and fatigue. The Opedix Torque Reform Technology™ improves dynamic balance, reduces knee-joint loading, improves knee alignment, and reduces muscle fatigue using 18 panels of stretchy fabric to offer torque and compression where it’s needed most. Opedix tights are designed to activate your body’s kinetic chain to realize optimal performance.

Opedix Knee-Tec Tights

Men’s Opedix KNEE-TEC 2.0 Full Tights

The Opedix Knee-Tec 2.0 full tights come in seven different sizes to ensure a proper fit. With a runner’s build, at 6′ 4″ and 175 pounds, I often have trouble choosing between medium (waist) and large (length). Opedix has a Medium-Tall option that fits like a glove. The external draw cord at the waist keeps the chill out.

The Opedix tights are made from a nylon/spandex fabric and regulate body temperature while providing anti-odor defense. I left mine in a pile on the bathroom floor and ran in them the next day. I know, gross. But that’s life, right?

Opedix KNEE-TEC tights

freedom of pateller movement around kneecap

A couple of design features I really like are the roomy knees and low-profile waistband. Your patellar tendon will have room to move without feeling too much pressure, and the low-profile waistband keeps the tights from riding too high and feeling awkward like bike shorts.

Road Test: Running in Opedix Tights

The first thing I noticed after trying on my new Opedix tights is the fit. They are tight and stretchy in all the right places. I actually felt like I had a bionic exoskeleton that was making my legs more springy and powerful. Needless to say, I was happy to feel that way before heading out the door for hill repeats.

“That feeling of extra power comes from Opedix’s Torque Reform Technology. This technology simultaneously improves proprioception, or your body’s ability to know where it is in space, and mechanical function of the joints in your lower body. As a result what you experience during a workout is an improved quality of movement, a reduction in rate of fatigue, and a minimization of the impact of external forces on your joints. That combination of benefits is what creates that feeling of extra power” – Erik Wardell, Opedix PR representative


It’s a hill. Get over it.

The next time I wore the Opedix tights I ran 6 miles with 10 leg-speed intervals of 20 seconds each, every 60 to 70 seconds in miles 2-5. I felt super fresh again. That feeling really helped me nail a difficult workout that requires focus and intensity. I concentrated on my running form and my kinetic chain to make my efforts as efficient as possible.

I’ve struggled a bit with a piriformis issue in the past, so I’m always ultra aware of my running form in the hips/butt/pelvic area (stand up straight, hips forward, etc). For a while, I had severe shooting pains in the front of my lower abdomen and down both hamstrings on the inside of my thighs. I noticed that running in Opedix provides stability and thus relief to those compromised muscle groups.

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  1. I just got a pair, and am a little concerned with the fit. They are tight in the calves, little less so in the thighs and butt. Does that seem right? It took only a few seconds to put them on. Should I go with a smaller size? I’m 6’1′ and 200 lbs, so the website says a large. But my large 2xu tights fit tighter. Any thoughts on the fit of these things? Thanks for your time.