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Meb for Mortals Book Review

Meb for Mortals is a gift from one of America’s premier distance runners. Meb Keflezighi is an Olympic silver medalist, past winner of the New York City marathon, and a professional distance runner with a long and distinguished career. But, it was his heroic, and unexpected, win at the 2014 Boston Marathon (the year after the bombings) that put him in the spotlight and helped Meb become a household name. He gave us a running hero when we needed it most.

In his new book, Meb for Mortals, Meb Keflezighi reveals his training methods and talks a lot about commitment, goal setting, and choices. Commitment to your running goals means more than just running, it means adopting the lifestyle of a champion. Sleeping habits, nutrition, recovery, and goal setting are all crucial components to performing at your very best. Great race performances don’t happen by accident.

Meb is a likable guy. In fact, he admits he’s not the most talented guy right up front. His success has come about as a result of his dedication to running and his devotion to what many runners call the “little things.” Things like form drills, stretching, and strengthening. Meb calls these things his “prehab” routines because they prevent injuries that would require rehab. Nobody is bullet-proof. Running is  sport that requires discipline, patience and wisdom.

Obviously, we can’t all be elite athletes. Most of us just don’t have the body, the talent, the mindset, or the ability. And, let’s face it, who really has the time? But, we can all improve our performance by employing the same principles used by the pros. Meb does a really good job of talking to all types of runners, not just those who compete at high levels.

Meb for Mortals will help beginners, back-of-the-packers, mid-packers, age-groupers, podium finishers, elites, and Olympians run smarter. Meb shares his own training logs (5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon), and they’re enough to make even the most prolific runners cower. Later, he explains how a beginning runner can go from running two days a week to five. Everyone will find something to help them get more from their running.

Pro tip: Dissolve energy gels in your water bottle for fueling on the run without the mess.

I especially liked the chapters on form drills, strength training and stretching. Photographs and detailed descriptions of every exercise really help the reader understand how to perform the actions. Take note, the value of adding all these “little things” is especially high for those of us in the masters or senior age groups. And, for younger runners, developing good habits will help them run with less chance of injury.

Meb for Mortals is a complete recipe for running success. The question is, “How hungry are you?”

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