5 Ways Every Runner Can Celebrate Earth Day

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Earth Day is a reminder to care for the world in which we live and play. It’s a symbolic day that creates awareness and unites a scattered social consciousness to focus on taking care of our collective habitat, mother earth. Environmentalists, wildlife conservationists, renewable energy advocates, and humanitarians celebrate this global observance by participating in events and campaigns that attract more than a billion people annually.

β€œIn every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” — John Muir

runners earth day

What Can You Do?

As runners, we know the value of fresh air and clean water. We’re inspired, on an almost daily basis, by the natural world that surrounds us. Trail runners, road runners, and walkers  appreciate the beauty of the natural world in a very intimate and visceral way. Here are some things that you can do to improve our world and show your support for Earth Day:

runners earth day

Pick up Trash

Take a bag with you and walk one of your running routes today. Pick up the trash you see littering the roadside. You’ll not only clean up the roads, but you’ll set a great example for others. Take a some pics of your efforts and share them on social media to inspire others to do the same.


Plant Something

Plant some flowers in a window box, a tree in your backyard, or start your own vegetable garden. Planting something is a rewarding and satisfying activity that will reward you with a more beautiful home and a healthy diet of fresh vegetables.

runners earth day

Support a Charity

Find a worthy cause a donate. There are tons of remarkable people out there working hard to improve our world, all they need is a little support from you to make it happen.

Recycle Your Old Shoes

Several groups will help you recycle your old running shoes. Your old shoes may become someone else’s only shoes.

Share the Message

Share this article with others. Take pics, tweet messages, and post your Earth Day efforts for all your friends to see. Let’s make saving the planet a trending topic for as long as possible.

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?

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