Have I Said Too Much? The Truth About Running

Running brings people closer together. Compassion oozes like the sweat from our bodies after a grueling race. Immediately after we cross the finish line, we embrace strangers like close friends, shake their hands and bump their fists, and generally laugh and smile as we eagerly spill our thoughts. We’re among friends and all is well.

However, one step away from the finish corral are the spectators. Runners leave the safety of the post-race cadre, and return to the perilous world of polite conversation and social decorum. This transition is often difficult for runners still enjoying the intoxicating and disarming runner’s high.


Unfortunately this has happened to me or more than one occasion. Yesterday, I spoke with my son’s soccer coach while still feeling a nice post-race glow. I may have labelled his daughter as an introvert in that conversation. Awkward…

The thing is, I’m an introvert. I really don’t like talking to people that much. And, I rarely share my personal feelings with anybody outside of my family. But a good race or a long run can temporarily disarm me and make me a gregarious neighbor.

If you’ve had the pleasure of running in a group, or with a new friend, you’ve probably had the TMI moment where a new acquaintance shares a bit too much. Running seems to do that to a person. Just remember, what is said during a run should never be referenced outside of a run.

Phot Credit: Washington Post
Photo Credit: Washington Post

The truth about running is that it makes us into stronger, more indelible versions of ourselves. The camaraderie of runners, as exemplified by Meb at the finish of the Boston Marathon is something I cherish. Just be sure to check yourself before talking to your neighbors.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve said, or heard, on the run?

6 thoughts on “Have I Said Too Much? The Truth About Running

  1. So true – the conversation during a run covers a whole range of topics and much of it is like personal therapy and never to be repeated.

  2. Ha, ha–yes to this! I’m also an introvert and had to hit my sons soccer game immediately post race a couple of weeks ago. I was riding that high and was ready to talk anyone’s ear off who gave me a minute’s attention: obnoxious!

  3. Hah! Maybe that’s why they say running is cheaper than therapy. If you have a good running buddy you can each overshare and work stuff out.

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