Everybody Needs to Chill Out and Go For a Run

If you’ve followed any of the big running stories this week, you know there’s a lot of negativity out there. A father who may (or may not) have cheated his way into Boston, a ridiculous article with over 100K shares that tells runners to shut up already, an onslaught of scary running-will-kill-you articles, and a kiss in Boston that has drawn the ire of thousands.

The public shaming, finger-pointing, and headline hysteria are all unfortunate side effects of the running boom and popular culture. I recommend leaving it all behind and heading out the door for some fresh air and a clear head. Let’s all chill out and go for a run.

The sun is shining, the air is heavy with the sweet scent of spring, and Mother Nature is providing us with spectacular scenery. Engage your body, free your mind, and let your spirit soar. In the words of the Boss, “baby, we were born to run.”


4 thoughts on “Everybody Needs to Chill Out and Go For a Run

  1. Greetings, Jason. A marathoner friend alerted me to your blog.

    I’m all for chilling. In fact, I’m barely capable of not chilling. I’d probably be better off if I would chill less often.

    That said, I don’t get the idea that following and discussing the Rossi story is inconsistent with chilling. Several marathoner friends have said in recent days that they’ve poured the beverage of their choice, popped some popcorn and read all about this. They seem pretty chilled to me. Okay, one friend of mine has gone ape-shit, but I assure you that the rest are properly chilled.

    Regardless, be well, and good running to you.

    1. Andrew,
      That’s cool. Sounds like you haven’t taken it too personally and have kept things in perspective. We all need something to discuss on those long runs, right?

  2. If anything, this whole episode shows how connected we’ve become and how quickly fame can turn. Friends in other states can see my marathon split times. You’re in NH and I’m typing this in Va.

    For me, the takeaway is be aware of what you post and share about your training, races, and lifestyle. Social media and the web are great. I love the encouragement and advice I get from total strangers who share a common passion for running and genuinely feel joy when they witness someone accomplishing a long-sought goal.

    But you can also go from hero to goat faster than Meb can run a mile these days.

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