Run Your Next Half Marathon in Under 2 Hours

Sub-2 hour half marathon plan


Run Under 2 Hours in Your Next Half Marathon

Have you been chasing the elusive sub-2 hour half marathon? Wouldn’t it be nice to cross the finish line before the clock shows 2:00:00? It’s not official or anything, but the 2 hour mark is like the 30 minute mark in the 5K. It’s a defining number that runners love to chase.

Now you can train with confidence using the Saltmarsh Running Sub-2 Hour Half Marathon Training Plan. It’s totally free, and it will help you focus your training so that you can run a steady 9:00 per mile pace for 13.1 miles on race day. This 12-week plan features one rest day and one flex day each week.

Saltmarsh Running Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon Training Plan

Pick out your goal race and begin training today! Runners should be able to complete 15-20 miles per week and finish a single long run of 5 miles before starting this plan. If you need to build up your mileage, remember the 10% rule: When building your base mileage, add no more than 10% of your total mileage from the previous week to the next week of running. Following this rule can help new runners avoid overuse injuries caused by a sudden increase in mileage.

Example of 10% Rule

Week 1 – 10 miles total

Week 2 – 10 miles plus (10% of 10) = 11 miles

Week 3 – 11 miles plus (10% of 11) = 12.1 miles

Week 4 – 12.1 miles plus (10% of 12.1) = 13.3 miles

little runner icon Pro Tip: Run with a friend. Having a training partner makes things easier and keeps you both accountable.

Next Steps: 5 Ways to Improve Your Half Marathon Performance

If you have questions about this Sub-2 Hour Half Marathon training plan, or want to consider a custom training plan designed specifically for YOU, please contact me. Good luck with your training and come back to let us know how it feels to break 2 hours in the half marathon!

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