Running with Zeal Optics

Runners are a manic breed. We look for every advantage we can find when it comes to training and race day performance. So, it surprises me that so many runners choose to run without sunglasses.

The Advantages of Running with Sunglasses

Meb Keflezighi credits sunglasses for helping him improve his running form. In his book, Meb for Mortals, he says that it’s natural to drop your head as you tire during a race. Sunglasses give him a cue to return his head to the right place when he feels his sunglasses start to slide down the bridge of his nose.

Sunglasses also help keep the snow, rain, and sunlight out of your eyes and prevent you from squinting. This helps rid your face, neck, and shoulders of tension and allows you to run smoother and with less distraction. Sunglasses are not just for sunny days.

Runners also know the power of exuding confidence during a race. When a competitor looks at you for any signs that you’re withering, it’s defeating to see their own reflection in your shades. You might be suffering, but you look good, and that’s what matters.

Zeal Optics

Zeal Optics makes some great eyewear for athletes. Their frames are made with 100% plant-based materials and the company is committed to being environmentally responsible. They make both sunglasses and goggles and know the power of being active and living outdoors.

Zeal Optics, Kennedy, Running

Kennedy by Zeal Optics

I’ve run in the Kennedy model, a personal favorite of Zeal ambassador Anton Krupicka. The Kennedy is both functional and fashionable. I’m as comfortable wearing them to work as I am wearing them on a training run.

Anton Krupicka Zeal Optics Running

What Anton Krupicka and I have in common…

The Zeal Optics polarized lenses offer superior clarity and the Proflex rubber inserts on the nose bridge holds them in place when you run. Cheaper sunglasses will bounce on the bridge of your nose and become a huge nuisance. Also, when I sweat, the drips glide off the lenses and doesn’t puddle and stick.

If you want to run better, try running with a pair of shades this summer. And, if you want to buy from a company committed to sustainability and authenticity, check out Zeal Optics. Enjoy the miles!

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