5 Priceless Gifts for Running Dad

running dad father's day gift

running dad father's day gift

Is there a running dad in your family? Here are five great gift ideas that won’t cost you a dime. But, in terms of dad love, they’re priceless.

Cheer for dad at his next race.

Just being there is important. If dad sees you cheering for him, it makes his efforts more rewarding and inspires him to give a little more. You may not understand running, but your encouragement shows that you understand dad.

Ask for dad’s advice on running.

Let dad show off some of his knowledge by asking him a question about running. He’ll love to tell you about it, and you might even learn something interesting. Even if you don’t stay on topic very long, that’s okay. He’ll be happy for the chance to chat.

Compliment dad on something.

“Nice shoes, Dad! Have you lost weight? You’re back already?” Dads love compliments. One compliment can keep him going for weeks. It’s not easy to get out the door for a run sometimes. But, sometimes a few nice words can do the trick.

Meet dad at the door with a glass of water.

When dad comes home from another hot summer run, greet him at the door with a cool, refreshing cup of water. He’ll be surprised and thankful. That smile that you see on his face isn’t just the post-run endorphins kicking in, that’s his love for you.

Run with dad.

This is the best gift you can give the running dad. Offer to run with him and see what makes the old guy tick. You don’t have to run the entire way, just join him long enough to share in the experience. I guarantee you’ll both feel better afterwards.

Happy Father’s Day!


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