The Greedy Runner


In the sage and prophetic lyrics of 80’s hair band Cinderella, “You don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone.” Running is a chore, a labor of love, and there is always another challenge that lies ahead. Runners are never satisfied.

When I’m healthy, I’m a greedy runner. I run too many miles. I push the limits of my recovery. I think about tomorrow so much that I forget to enjoy today. It’s only when I’m sidelined by injury that I fully appreciate the simple act of running.


My training plan calls for 11 miles today. I’d be grateful for just one mile. Sidelined by injury, this is my second day of rest. It feels like it’s been much longer. I even attempted to run today thinking I could fool myself into feeling better. It ended poorly in just a few short minutes. 😬

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I miss running. I miss resonating with energy like a struck tuning fork. I miss being alive with my heartbeat thrumming in my ears as ragged breaths escape my lips. I miss the suffering and the light-headed runner’s high that follows.

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I will no longer take the simple act of running for granted. I will appreciate every run. I will be grateful for my ability to simply move without injury.

Perhaps injury is just an opportunity to truly appreciate what comes next. I promise I will.

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