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Training during the summer months is a challenge, but Peyton is resolute. He’s worked his way up to long runs of 6.5 miles, and he’s determined to honor the wolves with a good effort on race day this fall. This eleven year-old from New Hampshire is running a half marathon to raise funds for the Wolf Conservation Center.

Peyton after a 4-mile training run this morning.

Peyton has felt a strong connection to wolves ever since he watched an episode of the Wild Kratts 4 years ago. He learned that wolves are loyal pack animals with an aptitude for running long distances. But, he was alarmed to hear that wolves are on the endangered species list.

After seeing his mom run the Marine Corps Marathon to support 96 Elephants, and his older sister earn a spot as Nickelodeon’s spokesperson for environmental awareness, Peyton knew he wanted to do something for the wolves. Running was a natural fit.

Peyton led the NHS middle school cross-country team last year as a fifth-grader. The sport fits perfectly with his desire to run and play in the woods. When he runs, he often imagines himself to be a grey wolf prowling the forest in search of prey.

The half marathon distance is daunting even for adult runners. But, Peyton wants to do something extraordinary to capture people’s attention and gain their support. He’s idea is simple yet powerful. He wants the wolves to be happy, and our forests to be healthy.

Peyton is running 4-5 times each week. He’s following a training plan that allows him the flexibility to play soccer and balance his running with other activities. Every donation he receives boosts his confidence and inspires him to run like a wolf.

Please check out Peyton’s CrowdRise page and share this post with others. You can even join his team! Each person who makes a donation will get a personal note from Peyton. Thank you! Aroooooo…

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