Peyton’s long run is up to 9 miles and he has about 6 weeks to go before race day. It’s been a scorching hot summer here in NH, but he’s been getting up early and determined to run 13.1 for the wolves this October. With soccer, sixth grade, and middle school cross-country, he’s got a very busy fall season ahead of him.

Last week, we mixed things up a bit. Rather than a steady diet of slow 4 and 5-mile runs, we added strides and 300m intervals. A little speed work can boost a runner’s confidence, and remind the muscles what fast feels like.

One of the biggest obstacles to half marathon training has been the heat and humidity. And, being a sixth grader, there’s not a lot of running gear available in Peyton’s size. Fortunately, I found a singlet and shorts combo at Holloway Sportswear that fit perfectly.


Peyton will slowly build up to a long run of 11 miles in mid-September and then he’ll taper off until race day in early October. A lot of people have asked me if he runs alone, and if he’s safe running that far by himself. The short answers are yes, and yes.

I ran with him on all of his longer runs until I suffered a stress fracture and other miserable things. My wife and daughter will run with him when the schedules align and the timing is right. There’s no shortage of running partners in this household.

There are times when he runs alone. So, we follow a couple of rules:

  1. He always runs when traffic is light and visibility is good.
  2. Long runs are done in a series of shorter loops that bring him back by the house. That way, he can get a drink and check in. It’s a built-in rest stop that works well for everyone. It also gives him an out on those days when he needs one.
  3. Runs against traffic and understands that the cars always have the right of way. Defensive running saves lives! Safety is always our first priority.

You can find out more about his race here, and you can help him save the wolves by contributing here.

Holloway Sportswear provided gear for review.