Custom Running Prints for Your Big Race

Can you tell how hard a race was by holding a race medal? Can you understand the difficulty of a race course by looking a single race photo? No. In fact, there’s really no way to describe your big event without data. But data isn’t pretty. Or, is it?

nyc 2013

NYC Marathon 2013

BigLife Printhouse offers runners a unique service. They’ll take your race day .gpx file and turn it into a work of art. Remember and appreciate your race with a poster-sized map that displays your personal performance data in a beautiful and intuitive design.

I decided to try out their service by sending in my race data from the 2014 NYC Marathon. I downloaded my .gpx file from Strava, and chose a design that matched my office decor. A few days later I received a draft copy for approval.

BigLife Running Prints

The print arrived about a week later with a nice note from Sadie at BigLife Printhouse. The 24″x36″ print fit nicely into a standard photo frame and found a spot above my running bookcase. As an injured runner, it reminds me of the good times and inspires me to stay positive throughout my physical therapy and recovery. I will make it to Boston in 2017!

I find myself reminiscing over the complexities of the New York course. The bridges, the neighborhoods, and long-forgotten race day memories come flooding back when I look at my custom race print. Also, having the visual data makes it a lot easier to talk about the experience with others, especially non-runners! “How long was your marathon?”

biglife running nyc

I’ll never forget my experience in NYC, but I never would’ve remembered it as clearly without my personalized race poster. Keep this in mind as a gift for the runner in your house, even if that runner is you.

Here’s a code for 20% off that’s good through September 15, 2015 – MYRUN0915

BigLife sent me a complimentary print for review.

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