Have you heard of SKINS compression gear? SKINS is an Australian company offering high-quality gear for runners and bikers using gradient compression to boost performance and reduce muscle fatigue. Their gear looks great, but it’s the performance and comfort of SKINS that will make you a believer.

I am fortunate enough to review a lot of new gear, and every once in a while I find something so good that stays in my dresser instead of the hallway closet. For cool early morning rides, nothing beats my Tremola long sleeve jersey. The gradient compression sleeves keep my arms fresh despite the teeth-chattering bumps along the cracked New England roads I call home.

SKINS cycling gear
SKINS Tremola Long Sleeve Jersey and Cycling Bib Shorts

I’m also digging my new SKINS bib shorts. I was on the fence about switching from shorts to bib shorts, but I found it helped relieve some stress on my lower back. The premium chamois keeps things comfortable where it counts. I did have to promise my daughter not to walk around the house with them on though.. Ew!!

SKINS sizing is most definitely European. The zipper is on the left, and you’ll want to order at least one full size up! This isn’t uncommon when ordering cycling gear, but worth noting.

SKINS NANO running
SKINS Nano Running Jacket

My favorite piece is the lightweight SKINS Plus Nano Jacket. It’s stylish enough to wear out on the town, and ideal for damp, windy conditions. The athletic fit and adjustable hems make it perfect for running and riding. In this case, the sizing was right on the money.

SKINS hangs it’s reputation on the science of dynamic gradient compression. SKINS garments provide precise levels of pressure in the right places for muscle support and to accelerate blood flow, thereby enhancing oxygen delivery to active muscles, resulting in improved performance, greater endurance and faster recovery.

Stay safe and enjoy the miles!

Thank you SKINS for sending me samples to review.