2016 Specialized Sirrus Elite Disc Bike Review

The 2016 Specialized Sirrus Elite Disc finds itself in the middle of the Sirrus pack, just below the $1000 threshold. It packs enough high-end features like disc brakes and Zertz carbon inserts to keep serious cyclists happy, without intimidating everyday fitness riders. The Sirrus Elite will easily handle both roads and trails, and put a big smile on your face.

2016 Specialized Sirrus Review

The Sirrus line features flat handlebars, an upright riding position, and easy shifting between nine climbing and cruising gears. For new riders, or riders that like the feel of a mountain bike, the Sirrus will delight. Riding high in the saddle gave me confidence and better command of the road.

2016 Specialized Sirrus Review

I took the beautiful rocket red Sirrus Elite Disc out on the rail trails and put it through a muddy workout. As expected the 30mm tires gripped well in the gravel, but were overwhelmed by loose rock and mud. However, as soon as my wheels were back on dry gravel I took off like a rocket.


The geometry and visual lines of the 2016 Specialized Sirrus are beautiful. The cold-welded tubing inspires a rugged confidence, and little details like the through-frame cable routing give the bike a really clean look. The handlebars definitely sit up high compared to a road bike, but the view is much better.

The front and rear disc brakes provide excellent stopping power. I put them to the test when I braked hard on wet roads to avoid colliding with a car door. The brakes bite hard and react to the pressure applied by the rider.

2016 Specialized Sirrus Review

2016 Specialized Sirrus Elite Disc breaks provide dependable stopping power.

If you’re looking for a bike to make your work commute more enjoyable, the Sirrus line is ready. The frame comes with pre-drilled holes for fenders and rack mounts. And, you can handle the rough patches thanks to shock-absorbing Zertz inserts in the front forks.

2016 Specialized Sirrus Review

Shimano Sora drivetrain and pre-drilled holes for fender and racks

After riding the Specialized Sirrus Elite Disc for a few weeks, it’s become my first choice for running errands, riding on the rail road tracks with my son, and enjoying easy weekend rides along the seacoast. The 2016 Specialized Sirrus Elite Disc is a hybrid bike that will keep you fit and happy wherever you choose to ride.

Biking has become a regular part of my cross training, and I’m riding in my first century this weekend! Hit me up with any questions, or add your own thoughts in the comments section. Enjoy the miles!

A big thank you to Specialized for lending me a demo bike for review.

21 thoughts on “2016 Specialized Sirrus Elite Disc Bike Review

  1. Hi. I’m looking for a recreational bike (coming from an Enduro MTB) to take on family rides on the weekend (with a bike trailer for my son attached). My only concern is if the Sirrus would be able to handle dirt roads and light gravel as well or if it’s purely designed for road use. Any feedback or experience? Thanks!

  2. I recently bought the blue version of this bike and while I love riding it, It’s perfect for commuting/shopping, I’ve fitted it out with a pannier rack and Topeak top box, it does have a rather annoying flaw in that it makes a squeaking noise when you pedal. I spoke to my LBS about it and apparently it’s caused by the mismatching of components, Shimano cassette, FSA cranks, KMC chain etc.

    So I’ve had a whinge to Specialized.

  3. Looking for a new bike in the “hybrid” family – I do enjoy riding on all surfaces including easy single track – any thoughts on the appropriateness of the Sirrus as a multi surface option?

    • A great option for recreational riding. If you’re a competitive rider you’d want to buy a bike designed specifically for the surface your on. But, the Sirrus is a great hybrid choice if you want to dabble in a bit of everything.

  4. I was a newbie to riding last august and bought a trek shift 3. I was mainly interested in biking for fitness. I am 67 and probably didn’t ride for 40 years. since last may I have lost 61 lbs m would still like to loose another 15. have been looking at the sirrus elite disc and the carbon disc. I usually ride 10 miles a day if the wind not blowing too hard. I know I bought the wrong bike, I ride about 95% on blacktop and rest on gravel roads, Would like a bike that is lighter and a little faster. top speed on my shift is about 12 mph. this will probably be the last bike I buy so do think I would be happy with the sirrus elite disc . maybe its too much of a stretch for me to ride the carbon sirrus. I do take the bike south with me for 4 months to south texas in the winter so I probably ride 10 months of the year.

    • I’m 64 and just bought this bike to replace my 25 year old Jamis Cross Country mountain bike, and I have fallen in love with this beauty, I ride about 16 miles three days a week and average about 12.5 – 14 mph, and I have found this bike to be a dream compared to my old steel Jamis. I rarely go off road any longer, so this was the perfect bike for me, as I prefer the riding position of a mountain bike compared to a road bike, and this hybrid fits the bill splendidly.

  5. I notice the 2016 sirrus carbon pro comes with a 50/34 crankset. I bought the same bike you have but i would like to change the crankset to the 50/34 sprockets. What are the prospects of that working out?

    • Hi Sam; I am considering to buy a Sirrus Elite which has 18 gears in total. If you have the same bike what is your experience in climbing steep ramps? Can it handle them well?

  6. Thank you for your great review. Could i please get your thoughts on the Trek 7.4FX in comparison? I’m surprised many of the Trek range don’t have disc brakes. I ride in Canberra ACT, mainly to work and recreationally on local cycle paths for fun and fitness. Many thanks for your thoughts.

  7. This bike (Sirrus Elite) comes with 18 gears. Would it be able to handle ramps in the same way a 22 gear bike (e.g., Sirrus carbon pro) would do?

  8. Hi, I am looking to buy Sirrus Elite or Comp but size could be a problem. I am 6’7”. How tall are you and what size did you choose?

  9. Great hybrid bike
    (My previous bike was a Hybrid RC 50 Rocky Mountain)
    Going from the RC to the Sirrus Elite feels like: driving a VW bug to a BMW
    Awesome bike!
    Ed O

  10. Had my Surrus Elite stolen and now looking at a Surrus Disc. Will i see a big difference in my 100 mile a week commute or should I get another Surrus Elite?

  11. purchased this bike and love everything about it. from the red color to the design of the bike. such an smooth, easy stress-free ride. can’t find any more words to tell how impressed I am will this bike. I do about 25 miles a day and the ride is so easy, whether riding the streets or the trails , the ride is indescribable. Buy and ride and be safe ..thanks