The Century, A New Kind of Marathon

You may have noticed that I’ve been writing a lot about cycling lately. It’s an unintended side effect of being an injured runner. You see, it’s easy to write about your passion, but much harder when your muse is no longer there to whisper in your ear.

It’s marathon season and I would be a wreck if I didn’t have something big on my calendar. I can’t run, so instead I’m biking… a lot. I’ve been putting 150+ miles on my road bike each week in preparation for a new kind of marathon event, a century ride.

This weekend, I’ll be conquering the Three Notch Century ride in New Hampshire’s legendary White Mountains. Over 4,000′ of elevation gain with three category 2 climbs, and one category 3 climb over a span of 100 miles. Did I mention it was scenic?

Three Notch Century Ride

Runners understand hard work and dedication. We know what it means to push ourselves when the tank is empty. We follow schedules and plans like clockwork. And, sometimes we break. But, we don’t bend.

There is always a way to stay fit and push your boundaries. The world is full of adventures waiting to be had. Just like my first marathon, this century ride scares me, and that’s why I signed up. Carpe diem!