For the past two weeks I’ve worn the Timex Ironman GPS+ on my rides. I was also an early tester at last year’s Timex One Relay in Philadelphia. The most exciting thing about this device is the ability to connect through texts and live tracking without having to drag a phone along. You can even listen to your favorite playlists right from your watch to your wireless earphones.

I don’t listen to music when I workout because the traffic here is nuts. And, for that same reason, I love the safety features that are included with the Timex Ironman One GPS+. For example, live tracking allows me to go for a run knowing that my wife can click an email link and see where I am when she begins to worry.

Kancamangus Pass Three Notch Century

When I leave for training rides of 60-70 miles, there’s plenty of time for worrying. Likewise a long training run can take nearly three hours in the buildup to a marathon. With live tracking I can focus on my workout, and my family can easily find me wherever I am.

Of course, the Timex Ironman One GPS+ also gives you the ability to track speed, distance and pace in real-time. And, after your workout, you can instantaneously share performance metrics with the click of a button. I upload my data directly to Strava during my cool down.

Beginning Workout with Live Tracking

Timex Ironman One GPS+
Clock face
Timex Ironman One GPS+
Main Menu
Timex Ironman One GPS+
Run Screen
Timex Ironman One GPS+
Confirm Live Tracking
Timex Ironman One GPS+
Press Start and begin!
Timex Ironman One GPS+
Tracking data seen by selected contact



Timex Ironman One GPS+
Watch Paused
Timex Ironman One GPS+
Watch Stopped
Timex Ironman One GPS+
Workout Stats – Distance
Timex Ironman One GPS+
Uploading directly to Online Platform

Final thoughts

The Timex Ironman One GPS+ is a really great tool for athletes that want to ditch the phone and still stay connected. The size of the watch allows for many data points on a single screen. If you have good AT&T wireless coverage you’ll enjoy every feature of this device.

My favorite feature is the live tracking. I’ve found that the battery life lasts for about 3:20:00 with live tracking turned on. That should cover the majority of your workouts. You could also choose to use the SOS feature instead. A preset message can be sent along with your location to your chosen contacts with the press of a button in case of an emergency.

Listening to music requires bluetooth compatible speakers or headphones. There’s also a messaging option that sends and receives email messages through your Timex One account so that you can view them on your watch. While the typing is not quick, it’s very nice when needed. For example: “Come home. Pancakes.” or “Flat tire. Bring car.”

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