On the Run From Dogs and People by Hal Higdon

On the Run From Dogs and People by Hal Higdon Book Review

On the Run from Dogs and People Hal Higdon

On the Run from Dogs and People was first published in 1971, a time when the running movement was just getting started, and even the Boston Marathon only attracted a mere 877 runners- 3 of them were women running “unofficially.” Much of the writing may seem outdated, and (gasp!) perhaps politically incorrect, but Higdon’s book captures the spirit of an era and gives us a glimpse of running history. True fans of the sport will cherish this classic treatise on road racing.

Higdon’s writing style is a bit like George Sheehan‘s, but with less philosophy and more sarcasm. This collection of articles and essays covers everything from his days on the European track circuit to his brief fling with competitive race walking. And, of course, there is plenty about the Boston Marathon.

Do yourself a favor and check out what has become a “cult classic” among old school runners. It’s a book Katherine Switzer calls “one of the best running books of all time!” And, if you’ve never heard of Katherine Switzer, then you don’t deserve to read this book.

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