Finding Your Fitness Motivation

Where do you find the motivation to better yourself? What drives you to workout, eat clean, and get stronger? Inspiration leads to perspiration. Finding your fitness motivation is the key to unlocking your potential.

As I work towards my goal of running the 2016 Boston Marathon, I find motivation in my past performances. When doubt begins to creep in, I find strength and confidence in knowing that I’ve done this before. As a reminder, I have a framed course map of my NYC qualifying race hanging on my office wall.

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But, sometimes motivation comes from unexpected places. Last weekend, I rode in my first century race. The challenging course covered just over 100 miles of hilly terrain in the White Mountains. When I was running out of fuel and beginning to crash at the 70-mile mark, I found motivation all around me by witnessing the efforts of my fellow cyclists.

After talking to hundreds of athletes and writing numerous articles about fitness, I’ve heard time and time again that getting started is the toughest part of becoming fit. Turning a new routine into a habit takes focus and determination. And, if you’re married or have children, it takes the support of those around you.

Sometimes all we need is a little reminder to keep us on track. A little reminder that can make the difference between a healthy active lifestyle and a missed opportunity. Maybe that’s why FitBit is so popular.

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The FitBit Flex is worn around your wrist as a visual reminder that you’re counting your steps and working towards a daily goal. Your stats sync to your phone, and you can even track your sleep activity, caloric intake, and hydration numbers.

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Sometimes you just need a reminder to stay on track and work towards your goals. It might be a new pair of running shoes by your front door, it might be a note on the refrigerator door, or it could be a standing appointment to hit the gym with a friend at 6 am. You can find a supportive community on social media too. Kohl’s #MakeYourMove campaign has inspired me to work towards my fitness goals. Look for the hashtag on social media and join the conversation. Tell us what you’re doing to live healthier and happier, and find out what others are doing as well.

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Kohl’s.

One thought on “Finding Your Fitness Motivation

  1. I have a different tracker which I really like but I really want a Fitbit because well I have bought and given them as gifts and I want to do the challenges with my friends. I was looking at the Fitbit Charge HR but not sure I really need to go that big. Maybe the Charge or the Flex if I win it ha ha

    I checked that I visited your FB page but it’s currently down but I’ll make sure to get over there. Thanks!

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