Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running from Madness

Fast Girl Suzy Favor Hamilton Book Review

Fast Girl Suzy Favor

Suzy Favor Hamilton is a three-time Olympian for women’s middle distance running, but she’ll be remembered by many as a train wreck. After a lifetime of struggle involving eating disorders, mental illness, and constant pressure to be the best, Favor Hamilton found happiness working in Las Vegas as a high-priced escort. Fast Girl is a heartbreakingly honest memoir detailing her life and her ceaseless struggle with mental illness.

Favor Hamilton is a gifted runner. But, this book isn’t about running. This is a book about running away. Running away from a dysfunctional family with too many secrets, running away from difficulties in school and at work, and ultimately running away from yourself.

Suzy regularly left her devoted husband and young daughter behind in Wisconsin and traveled to Las Vegas as “Kelly,” a confident and independent persona that she invented while working as a prostitute. Fast Girl provides plenty of salacious details about her encounters, her clients, and her meteoric rise to the top of the Las Vegas escort scene.

Eventually, her identity was exposed and her fantasy world came crashing down around her. When she can no longer run from the truth, her family is forced to confront her mental illness and sexual addiction. Today, with the help of her husband, and significant therapy, she is building a better life and sharing her story to provide understanding and awareness for others coping with the challenges of mental illness.

“I run now for the freedom it gives me. I run because it feels good. I run because it is good for me- for my heart and for my head.” -Suzy Favor Hamilton

The writing is not particularly good, and the story is depressing. But, if you want to know the truth behind the headlines, check out Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running from Madness

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