The Best Place to Run When Visiting New York City

Best Place to Run in NYC, Waterfront Greenway, Hudson River

Most New York City hotels have a treadmill available, but you can do better than that. If you want to experience the greatest city in the modern world, there is no better way than to explore it on your own two feet. The sights, sounds, and energy of the Big Apple will inspire you.

Hudson River Greenway, Running, Runners, NYC
Hudson River Greenway

Manhattan Waterfront Greenway

New York City has lots of interesting places to run, but navigating the city streets can be intimidating. Central Park is beautiful, but getting there is tough unless you’re staying at a pricey uptown address. If you’re on Manhattan’s west side, by Times Square, or down in the Financial district, you’ll definitely want to check out the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, also called the Hudson River Greenway. It’s the best place to run when visiting New York City!

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The Manhattan Waterfront Greenway offers a safe, scenic, 32-mile path for cyclists and runners extending from Battery Park in the south all the way past the George Washington Bridge around 181st Street. From my hotel near 46th street, I walked west down 8th avenue and picked up the Greenway path right by the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier. Wow! Then, I turned south and ran towards Battery Park passing through many smaller parks, historical landmarks, and scenic vistas overlooking the water and the Statue of Liberty.

I saw cyclists, runners, and walkers of all ages all along the Greenway, even at 10:30 on a Friday morning. Three is no shortage of runners in this city! The vibe was very friendly, and there was almost zero traffic with the exception of a few driveways by the busier piers. I  highly recommend running on the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway the next time you find yourself in New York City. If you’re so inclined, check out the Donut Plant on West 23rd Street after your run and try the Vanilla Bean and Strawberry Jam filled donut. Enjoy!

Hudson River Greenway Manhattan Waterfront Greenway Runners, Running, Course
Stopping for pictures along the Greenway

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