Sub 3:10 Marathon Training Plan

boston marathon training plan

This is the 18-Week marathon training plan I’m following in preparation for the 2016 Boston Marathon. It’s based on the Jack Daniels’ 2Q program which can be found in his book, Daniel’s Running Formula, 3rd Edition. I highly recommend the book for any runner’s library. 

My goal is based on a sub 3:10 marathon finish time. To figure out proper training paces for your ability and specific race goal, you can use the VDOT2 calculator at the bottom of this post. It’s very easy to use. Input a past performance at any distance to determine a realistic finish time, and then you’ll see your ideal training pace for a variety of workouts. Good luck!

>>>Download the Sub 3:10 Marathon Training Plan in .pdf format or .xlsx format<<<

3:10 Marathon Training Plan, Boston Marathon, Saltmarsh Running

Easy Pace: 7:45 to 8:30, Marathon Pace: 7:10, Threshold Pace: 6:44


5 thoughts on “Sub 3:10 Marathon Training Plan

  1. Hey Jason, I just came across your blog today while searching for people with JD 2Q experience. I noticed you got sick and had to miss Boston (sorry to hear that). What did you think of the plan otherwise? Also, did you make any other changes other than moving your long runs to Monday to coincide with the Monday race day?

    1. I was cruising until the wheels fell off. I think I attempted this plan without the build-up required. I was coming off a stress fracture and really pushed it without having a solid foundation of base miles. Having said that, I was in terrific race shape. If I do it again, I’ll probably run easier on the rest days.

      1. Good to know! I’m fine with the weekend quality workout, but don’t see how I would have the time to run the distances required in the mid-week workout. My buddy has his coach reviewing it and will likely come back with a modified version we can use. Thanks for the feedback!

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