MilestonePod Tracks Your ‘Runficiency’

What’s your ‘runficiency’ score? What’s your average run cadence? What percent of the time do you strike the ground with your heel first? All good things to know, and the MilestonePod can tell you. The MilestonePod is a plastic fob, about the size of a quarter, that rides atop your shoelaces and captures data while you run.

MilestonePod Running Gear Review

Using the Milestone Pod

Getting started with the Milestone Pod couldn’t be easier. Once it’s removed from the packaging and the battery is inserted, you tie it into your lace pattern on the top of your shoe. Next, you download the corresponding MilestonePod app and sync it with the pod on your shoe. Then, you run! The pod responds to your movements and starts recording run data that can be wirelessly synched to your smartphone afterwards. Easy.

The pod is extremely light, and will not interfere with your run. It doesn’t light up, beep, or require that you carry your phone with you like some other gadgets do. It just sits there and quietly collects data. On my first run, I did notice is a clicking sound made by my shoelace tips hitting the LCD screen. The easy fix was to tuck in my laces.

Running Data Collected by the MilestonePod

The MilestonePod collects measurable data on cadence, stride length, footstrike, stance time, leg swing, rate of impact, pacing, and distance run. Before heading out for your first run, you’ll be asked to enter your height and weight into the app to determine the proper algorithm used to calculate your scores. After your first run, you may need to tweak things by entering the actual distance covered. Form that point on, the MilestonePod should remember your specific characteristics. You can always tweak things by clicking “tap to calibrate” on the run details screen.

MilestonePod Data running

As you can see form these screenshots, there is a lot of data collected by the MilestonePod. It is neatly arranged and presented using the MilestonePod app. For more on the collection of data, and the specifics behind each metric you can visit the MilestonePod website. In this example, can you figure out what I did for a training run?

MilestonePod Data running

I ran an easy 3 miles followed by a set of strides. You can see the stride length, cadence, and leg swing measurements change dramatically when I begin my strides. In a nutshell, my running efficiency improves as I run faster.

For athletes who want to use this data to improve their running, there is a feature called Insights. A user can choose to focus on improving cadence, stance time, or stride length. Customized tips developed by Alan Webb (American record holder in the mile 3:46.91) will be sent them via email. 

The MilestonePod isn’t taking the place of the GPS watch, but it’s an unobtrusive way to collect data on your running mechanics. For data lovers, and runners working to improve their efficiency, this is a neat device.


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