Aerolife Running Backpack

The Aerolife running backpack is specifically designed for runners. Frustrated by the crazy prices of running products, the Aerolife founders decided to create their own extra light, breathable, hydration pack for a reasonable price. Aerolife has some of the best customer ratings on Amazon and is a top-rated product in the hydration backpack category. Let’s take a closer look.

A Backpack for Runners?

It may seem odd to you that a runner would need anything more than a pair of shoes and some workout clothes. However, long distance runners (who run for hours at a time) often need to transport water, snacks, and safety items. This includes runners who are training for ultras, marathons, or half-marathons. Trail runners may also want to carry a first aid kit and additional supplies depending on the weather, altitude, and location of their runs.

Proper Fit

When choosing a backpack for running, it’s very important that it fits properly and stays in place when you run. If not, you will become a precautionary tale for other runners about the horrors of chafing. Fortunately, the Aerolife has a variety of adjustable straps to achieve a nice snug fit against your body. You will be aware that you’re carrying some extra weight, but it shouldn’t feel awkward, slap against your back and shoulders, or change your running form.

Aerolife running backpack


Find a backpack with a built-in water container, or bladder. The Aerolife running backpack holds 1.5 liters of water. That’s enough to hydrate the average runner for 2-4 hours depending on their effort levels and propensity to sweat. Filling and draining the container should be a quick and easy process. And there should be plenty of tubing length available to comfortably drink on the run.

Aerolife running backpack

Road Test of the Aerolife Running Backpack

I decided to try the Aerolife on a 15-mile training run earlier this week. I unwrapped this little gift the day before Christmas and escaped the chaos of holiday cooking for some time alone out on the roads. I don’t usually carry anything with me but my GPS watch, but I really like the idea of having some water available to help me stay hydrated.

The straps kept everything in place. I was able to run without interference, bouncing, or chafing. The additional weight on my shoulders from the 1.5 liters of water was minimal and well-balanced. But, the sound of water sloshing became increasingly irritating throughout my run. 

the long run marathon training

Having pockets meant that I could take my phone with me. I even snapped a couple of pics along the seacoast. And, I enjoyed being able to take a few sips of water when I wanted to. 

I think for now, I’ll continue to drop water bottles along my route instead of wearing a backpack. I just can’t get over the sloshing and the feel of being weighed down by anything. But, if I head into the woods for a trail run, I’ll be wearing my Aerolife running backpack. It’s functional, and I like it better than the other ones I’ve tried. If you’re a backpack kind of runner, I think you’ll dig it.

This product was sent to me for review.

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