2016 Boston Marathon Training – Week 5 of 18

2016 Boston Marathon Training: Week Five of Eighteen

Week 5 Mileage Boston Marathon

The good news is that I ran six days this week despite suffering a calf strain last Thursday. The bad news is that I missed a quality workout on Monday and had to cut short another quality run on Thursday. Let’s focus on the good news, and remember that marathon training is a long and imperfect process. True character is revealed not by those who fall, but by those who stand up again.

Q1 Workout: 1 Easy + 2@6:44 w/2min rest + 2@6:44 w/2min rest + 60 min Easy + 1 Threshold + 1 Easy

Q1 Reality: 1.6 Easy + 2@6:16 w/2min rest + 2@6:14 w/2min rest + 30 min Easy

Thursday was a very cold day here in NH with wind chills in the teens and temps in the low 20’s. It took me some extra time to get warmed up and I worried about pushing too hard and aggravating my calf injury. The planned workout consisted of some faster stuff in the beginning followed by a long easy run with a fast finish. Basically, it’s designed like a very painful and poorly executed race strategy.

Unfortunately, I took things a step further by ignoring the prescribed paces and turning the threshold intervals into something more akin to VO2 max intervals. Maybe I needed to prove to myself that I was healthy. Or, maybe I just felt like running fast after plodding along for days. Either way, I blew it. Two thirds of the way through my workout I was struggling to keep going and my calf started talking to me again. Little twinges and a growing tightness told me it was time to call it a day.

The best run of the week was my easy run on Saturday. My wife and I ran a 4-mile loop around our neighborhood at a leisurely 8:20 pace. We laughed and chatted as we dodged icy patches and snow plows for half an hour. It really helps to run with a friend.

Next week, I’m going to try harder to stick to my training plan. A big part of marathon training is mental discipline.

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