2016 Boston Marathon Training: Week Six of Eighteen

Boston Marathon Training Plan Week 6

I can’t believe the Boston Marathon is only 85 days away. The quality workout on Monday was an easy 120 minutes. I squirm just thinking about these long, slow runs that use up every shred of my patience and tolerance. However, I know these runs are the bread and butter of marathon training. I’m feeling pretty good about my endurance at his point, and the thought of hitting the wall as I pass Boston College scares me enough to take these long runs seriously. I did an out and back route three times so that I could use my home as a rest stop.

Q1 Workout: steady easy run of 120 minutes

Q1 Reality: steady easy run of 126 minutes @ 7:42

The wind was gusting at a steady 20 to 25 mph making every trip home difficult. The windchill made the air outside feel like 5º F. However, I sailed along every time I headed out again thanks to Boreus and his icy breath. Had it not been for my Clif Shot Bloks and a full water bottle, things would have been really ugly. Fueling is crucial on long training runs.

Boston Marathon Winter Training
Post-run delirium

The next few days were cold and windy. I decided to push my second quality workout to Friday to take advantage of temperatures in the high 20’s and lighter winds. The temps did reach the high 20’s on Friday, but the wind along the coast was brutal. On a positive note, I had the streets all to myself. I didn’t pass a single runner or biker the entire way. However, there were long lines of cars facing the ocean with their engines belching fumes at several of the beaches.

Q2 Workout: 40 minutes easy + 2@6:44 w/2min rest + 2@6:44 w/2min rest + 2@6:44 w/2min rest + 2 easy

Q2 Reality: 45 minutes easy + 2@6:42 w/2min rest + 2@6:45 w/2min rest + 2@6:50 w/2min rest + 1 easy

I was really happy with this workout. I hit my pace targets better than I have in previous weeks, and I finished the workout without any discomfort in my lower calf. With 44 miles behind me, tomorrow will be a day of rest filled with football and chicken wings.

Boston Marathon: In the News

Wahlberg, Gyllenhaal in town for Boston Marathon movies

Two movies are being made about the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing. Mark Wahlberg will be portraying real-life Boston cop Danny Keeler, in “Patriots Day.” Jake Gyllenhaal will be taking on the role of Jeff Bauman in “Stronger,” a movie based on Bauman’s book by the same title. 

Mark Wahlberg Boston Marathon
Actor Mark Wahlberg (left) outside the Eire Pub in Dorchester, where he had lunch with director Peter Berg (center) and Boston Police Detective Danny Keeler, whom Wahlberg will play in the movie “Patriots Day.” Photo by Bill Brett, Boston Globe

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