2016 Boston Marathon Training – Week 7 of 18

Adrianne Haslet Davis, Boston Marathon

2016 Boston Marathon Training: Week Seven of Eighteen


This week was a great Boston Marathon training week! The temperatures soared into the 40’s, I hit my marks on both quality workout days, and my ever-present plantar fasciitis finally stopped screaming at me. I hope your week was awesome too!

Q1 Workout: 2 easy + 6 @7:10 + 1 easy + 6 @7:10+ 1 easy

Q1 Reality: 2 easy +6 @6:58 + 1 easy + 6 @7:00 +1 easy

Monday was a great test of my running fitness. I successfully covered twelve total miles at goal marathon pace plus 4 easy miles. But, this workout was a tough grind. It takes a lot of mental effort to keep pushing when you’re running solo for hours. I’m really looking forward to running in a pack on race day, so I can let someone else push the pace for a while.

Q2 Workout: 6 easy +3 @6:44 + 3 min rest + 2 @6:44 + 2 min rest + 1 @6:44 + 2 easy

Q2 Reality: 7 easy +3 @6:52 + 3 min rest + 2 @6:44 + 2 min rest + 1 @6:29 + 1 easy

Thursday was a ball-buster. I wasn’t completely recovered from Monday, so I was sort of half-way invested as I ran my warm up miles. By the time I was ready to run the first 3-mile segment, I was facing into a nasty headwind along the seacoast. I braced myself, leaned into the wind. and decided to run by effort. I was pretty sure I was moving slowly, but it was a lot of work. Next, was a 2-mile segment out of the wind, but mostly uphill. Then, it was 1-mile on flat roads with no wind. Easy, peasy.

I’m looking forward to a rest day tomorrow. My resting heart rate is creeping higher, and all signs point to recovery and rest for the next 48 hours. The enemy is not the missed workout, it’s the missed rest day.

Boston Marathon: In the News

Dancer Who Lost Leg in Boston Marathon Bombings Will Run for Limbs for Life Foundation

Adrianne Haslet Davis, Boston Marathon
Adrianne Haslet-Davis, center, celebrates at the finish line of the 2014 Boston Marathon after completing a short distance of the course. Charles Krupa/AP Photo

Adrianne Haslet-Davis, a professional ballroom dancer who lost a leg in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, is running to raise money and awareness for Limbs for Life, an Oklahoma City-based organization that provides prostheses to low-income amputees. “Back in 2013, I vowed to dance again and made a pledge to run the Boston Marathon. I’ve since danced, and on April 18, 2016, I will make good on that promise,” she said.

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