2016 Boston Marathon Training – Week 9 of 18

2016 Boston Marathon Training: Week Nine of Eighteen

Boston Marathon Training Week 9

Well, sometimes stuff happens. I spent the better part of this week in NyQuil-induced haze trying to rid myself of a nasty cold. No fever to report, but I had everything else that one might expect from a winter cold including massive congestion and achy muscles. It began Sunday night when I felt the itchy precursor of a sore throat after watching the Broncos defeat the Panthers well past my bedtime.

Marathon Training and Winter Cold

I skipped my Monday run, convinced myself to make it through 16 miles on Tuesday, jogged a slow 4 miles on Wednesday and then crashed hard until emerging sometime on Saturday morning. If all goes well, I’ll run a few miles tomorrow and resume marathon training by the end of the week. It feels like I stopped running weeks ago.

I could complain and feel sorry for myself. But, that would be a waste of time and energy. Truth be told, this might very well be a blessing in disguise as far as my running is concerned. I’ve been pushing hard lately and this unexpected break might be just what I needed to save me from myself.

A missed week isn’t the end of the world. Most coaches and running experts agree that it takes ten or more missed days before running fitness begins to decline. When life throws unexpected obstacles in your way, be like a runner and take it in stride.