Gear Review: Opedix Dual-Tec 3/4 Length Tights

Opedix tights are designed to activate your body’s kinetic chain to realize optimal performance. Their proprietary design improves dynamic balance, improves knee alignment, and reduces muscle fatigue using panels of stretchy fabric to offer torque and compression where it’s needed most. Sounds good, right? So, when they asked me to review a pair of their new Opedix® Dual-Tec™ 2.0 3/4 length tights I jumped at the chance.

The Fit and Feel of Running in Opedix Tights

Opedix tights have many panels of stretchy fabric woven into a nylon/spandex garment to offer torque and compression similar to built-in kinesthetic tape. They feel tighter in some places than regular running tights, but still comfortable. The low-profile waistband keeps the tights from riding too high like bike shorts, and flexible material around the knee allows for unimpeded movement of the patellar tendon.

I’d never really considered wearing 3/4 length tights before. They seem perilously close to capri pants. I couldn’t help thinking that Will Ferrell might challenge me to a tight pants dance battle somewhere along my run. 

Opedix Dual-Tec 2.0 Review

Returning home after a run wearing my Opedix Dual-Tec tights.

I immediately felt the benefits of the Opedix design. It’s hard to describe, but it feels like a secure, stabilizing force that keeps your legs in a state of flex. I didn’t feel that wobbly feeling in my legs that I might normally feel after a few hard miles. I was able to keep up a comfortably hard effort with a lesser degree of fatigue in my legs, hips, and lower back.

“That feeling of extra power comes from Opedix’s Torque Reform Technology. This technology simultaneously improves proprioception, or your body’s ability to know where it is in space, and mechanical function of the joints in your lower body. As a result what you experience during a workout is an improved quality of movement, a reduction in rate of fatigue, and a minimization of the impact of external forces on your joints. That combination of benefits is what creates that feeling of extra power.” – Eric Wardell, Opedix PR

Opedix Dual-Tec 2.0 3/4 tights retail for $225 at