AthletesInsight is a manufacturer of high-performance sports sunglasses for athletes. The company was created by two high achieving athletes, a long distance runner and a bobsledder. Like most great products, this one was born from a common problem.  Many athletes run day after day in the sun without any protection against UV rays. Some may have a pair of very expensive shades, but they never wear them except for special races, for fear of breaking them. So, AthletesInsight began creating high-quality, durable, technical eyewear at an affordable price.

AthletesInsight Tahoe Sunglasses Runners

AthletesInsight sent me a pair of their new Tahoe sunglasses for review. The product design is inspired by the vibrant colors of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding evergreens. These rugged shades are shatter and scratch-resistant, incredibly lightweight, and provide 100% UV protection. 

AthletesInsight sunglasses feature an adjustable nose piece for guaranteed fit and comfort. The durable frames stay in place and grip even tighter as heat and moisture increase, providing more stability and comfort when it’s needed most. 

Athletes Insight Tahoe

I’ve run with the AthletesInsight Tahoe eyewear for a couple of weeks now, and I am pleased with the product. There are three things I look for in a pair of running sunglasses. First, they have to stay in place. Nobody wants to go for a run with their sunglasses bouncing up and down off the bridge of their nose. Two, they need to offer great clarity and sun protection. Three, they must be able to shed sweat without streaking.

The Tahoe has a great fit. The lens provides good clarity and excellent coverage even in the peripheral areas of my vision. Sweat droplets easily ran down the outside of the lens without leaving streaks or residue behind. However, when sweating heavily, droplets did pool on the inside lip of the lens. This was easily remedied with the addition of a visor to absorb perspiration.

Priced at $64.99, with free shipping in the US and the UK, this is an affordable option for athletic eyewear. 

AtheltesInsight is more than just a manufacturer of sunglasses. Despite our individual differences in ability or performance goals, we all know what it feels like to be an athlete. AtheltesInsight strives to build a community of athletes to share their dreams and inspire one another.