You Might Be a Runner If…

You Might Be A Runner

1. You stretch between business meetings and try to convince yourself that black running shoes will pass as dressy.


2. You carry a water bottle with you in your car, have another at work, and still worry about staying properly hydrated throughout the day.


3. You’ve signed up for multiple road races in the coming months and can rattle of the dates, distances, and course conditions of each one.


4. You know your closest competitors by their name and race times, but can’t identify them by sight.


5. You own at least ten pairs of running shoes, but can’t let go of any of them- ever.


6. You live for PBs and PRs, a DNF scares you almost as much as DNS, and your afraid that your PF might be a SFX.


7. Your dogs have learned what “go for a run” means before mastering “sit” and “stay.”

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8. Your GPS watch is connected to your computer 23 hours a day, and yet it’s given you a permanent tan line.


9. You see exit signs along the highway and think, “I could run there if I had to…”


10. When planning a trip or vacation, you map out possible running routes and check out the local racing scene.


Yep, we’re different. And, we’re proud of it. What are some other weird things runners do? 

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