Can Hoka One One Running Shoes Prevent Plantar Fasciitis?

Anybody who’s suffered from plantar fasciitis knows what a painful and miserable injury it is. I had a pretty bad case of PF last year. I ended up wearing a boot to bed every night, icing three times a day, and giving up running for several weeks. During this time, I stayed sane by racking up big miles on my road bike which eventually led to something I never expected, my first century ride. When I wasn’t on the bike, I was wearing Hokas.

I wore them to work, around the house, in the yard. The pain from my PF was so bad that I couldn’t walk barefoot anymore. The Hokas were a blessing during my recovery period. They gave my high arches the support I needed and their massive cushioning protected my heels from impact. Hoka One One running shoes look a little odd, and my wife refers to them as my ‘special’ shoes, but I do believe they helped me to recover.

As far as prevention goes, I’m not sure that running in Hokas will prevent plantar fasciitis. I only submit that they made my symptoms more tolerable. I also found my Oofos recovery sandals helped ease the pain, for short periods at a time.

Here’s what did work: time off from running, regular icing, massaging my feet from heel to toe every morning, and stretching. Ten times a day I will place my foot against the wall and stretch out my calves and for a count of 30. I’m healthy now and still do it every day.

I wear Hokas much of the time. They’re comfortable shoes. I mostly run in more traditional shoes and racing flats, but I wear my Hokas on recovery days and just knocking around house. My PF still lingers like an unwanted house guest. I can feel it after hilly races and speed days. But, with regular icing and stretching I’ve been able to avoid serious injury.

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