Run Fast. Eat Slow. What does Shalane Flanagan eat?

Run Fast. Eat Slow. As a runner, a father of two, I totally support this philosophy. Healthy meals fuel our runs. But, just as important, mealtime should be a time for conversation, relaxation and good food. A breakfast conversation about the day ahead, a lunch with colleagues, and a dinner with family members full of lively discussion and laughter. Run Fast. Eat Slow. is a flavor-forward cookbook for runners, featuring more than 100 recipes designed and performance tested by world-class, record-breaking marathoner Shalane Flanagan and her longtime friend, whole-foods chef Elyse Kopecky. You’ll find hundreds of delicious recipes including snacks, salads, meals, and desserts. You’ll also find meal plans based on Shalane’s weekly routine, with grocery lists and even fridge and pantry essentials.
Run Fast Eat Slow Authors

Elyse Kopecky and Shalane Flanagan

The pages are full of glossy pictures featuring a rainbow of colorful foods. Flanagan and Kopecky wanted to write a recipe book for runners that wasn’t all about light and lean cooking, but instead focused on whole foods and flavorful dishes that allow for nourishing fats and lots of spectacular flavors. The theme is quite simple: nourishing, home-cooked meals for active people who appreciate good taste.

“Outside of training the single greatest thing an athlete can do to improve their performance (and their long-term health and happiness) is to learn to cook. ” – Elyse

My family browsed through the book looking for a great new recipe, and we all agreed that the Kale-Radicchio Salad with Farro looked amazing. I mean it literally looked amazing in the photos and we decided to give it a try. We had to substitute pearled barley for farro because our local stores are lame and obviously don’t care about the finer things in life. But, it worked splendidly. If you want real farro you can always try ordering Bob’s Red Mill organic.

Kale Raddichio Salad

Fresh Ingredients

Real food and fresh ingredients are the key to great tasting recipes. This recipe is not only tasty, but it’s packed with bone-building nourishment. As a bonus, the lemon-garlic dressing will boost your immune system and give it a good kick in the pants. Try topping it with sliced avocado for a delicious nutrient booster.

Lemon Garlic Dressing

Lemon-Garlic Dressing

The verdict: awesome! This is a salad that you’ll love. It’s fresh, filling, tasty, and totally guilt-free! Crunchy walnuts, tangy lemon, spicy garlic and cool greens provide great texture and complex flavor. We’re already planning next week’s meals around Run Fast. Eat Slow. Do yourself a flavor 😉 and check it out here.

Kale-Raddichio Salad with Farro

Kale-Raddichio Salad with Farro