Brooks Ghost 9: Comfort and Protection for the Long Run

Brooks Ghost 9 Running Shoes Review

I just finished my sixth race in as many weeks. Three of them were half marathons. Two were personal records. Last year, I had my foot in a boot and was nursing a stress fracture in my calcaneus. What’s changed? New shoes and a new training approach.

I’m 46 years old and stand 6′ 4″ tall. I’m not made for high mileage like the little guys you see winning all the marathons on television. And, at my age, a rest day isn’t an option. It’s a necessity. I train hard two days a week and run easy 3 days a week. That’s it. I’m trying to make my easy easier to tell you the truth. It’s still hard to slow down without feeling guilty.

As for the shoes, I have found a reliable model in the Brooks Ghost 9. I wear it for 60% of my training runs and wear the Brooks Launch 2 or Pureflow 5 on faster days. I’m a Brooks fan. I used to review lots of shoes on my site and I was constantly switching between zero-drop shoes, minimal shoes, maximal shoes, and whatever else was trending. I think that’s what got me injured. That and a lot of mileage.

I love running and I don’t want to miss another season due to injury. So, I’ve decided to commit. I’m in a long-term relationship with my shoes. I’m not going to tell you that these are right for you. But, I will explain why the Brooks Ghost 9 is right for me.

Soft, Protective Cushioning

The Brooks Ghost 9 has a full-length segmented crash pad that can accommodate a rear or mid-foot landing while delivering a smooth heel-to-toe transition. If you land hard on your heels, it will absorb the impact. If you have a mid-foot strike, you’ll roll into toe-off position nicely. The entire shoe is built with cushioning and comfort in mind for those long mind-numbing runs that are an essential part of training. Yeah, aerobic adaptation!

Brooks Ghost 9 Running Shoes Review

Plush Fit

The Brooks Ghost 9 has a nice comfortable fit thanks to a padded interior heel pocket and a nice soft feel. The engineered mesh stretches and flexes with your foot and allows air to pass through the shoe and around your foot for increased ventilation and breathability. Some shoes leave you with sweaty socks and it feels like your running with plastic bags on your feet. Not these.

Brooks Ghost 9 Running Shoes Review

Durable and Dependable

The outsole on the Brooks Ghost is rugged and provides excellent traction. I run in New England. That means all kinds of messy weather. The Ghost holds up in all of it. You know how some shoes slip on the painted lines? These don’t. I put over 400 miles on my last pair before retiring them to grocery shopping, yard work and weekend chores. What did I replace them with you ask? Same model. 

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You’ll have to make up your own mind about where you want your feet to spend their time. But, whatever brand you choose, be sure they feel good on the run. The flashy colors and new designs are head turners. But, trust this shoe tester when I tell you there’s no place like home. Find a brand and a model you can trust day in and day out, and you’ll run happy for years to come.

My latest pair of Brooks was sent to me for review.

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