Resolve to Run This Year

Tina Muir London Marathon

New Year’s resolutions are like drunken promises. They sound wonderful, but they usually end up being forgotten or discarded in the light of day. The trick to making a good New Year’s resolution is to choose something that is both audacious and attainable.

Forget about losing weight, exercising more, or eating healthier. Those are just happy thoughts and daydreams. Instead pick something tangible with an outcome that can be measured and quantified. Make a life change that will help you improve all of those things. Run.

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Runners eat healthier, sleep better, weigh less, and exercise more because they have to. Who wants to eat a pile of greasy, heavy food after running 3 miles? Nobody. Will you sleep better after running for an hour? Heck, yeah. And, weight loss? It comes with the territory. You’ll drop a bunch in just the first month alone. The best part? It’s addictive.

Runners World Half Burfoot and friends

Beginning runners see a better version of themselves emerge as progress. Milestones fly by like the dotted lines in passing lanes. One mile, two mile, three miles, your first 5K… Pretty soon you’re hanging out with a bunch of new friends wearing spandex, giving each other high-fives, and guzzling sports drinks in a post-race euphoria fueled by endorphins and pride. Pride in yourself and everything you’ve accomplished this year.

Happy 2017! Start with a Practical Running Plan for Beginners

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