Week One Spring Track

Mid distance

Use this Pace Chart to figure out your own custom pacing for these workouts. It’s based on workout type and your current 1-mile race time.

“Running to him was real, the way he did it the realist thing he knew. It was all joy and woe, hard as diamond; it made him weary beyond comprehension. But it also made him free.”

Once a Runner, John L. Parker Jr.
  • Monday – 45-55 minute regular run
  • Tuesday – 20 hill repeats (150-200m)
  • Wednesday – 40-50 minute recovery run
  • Thursday – (200, 400, 200) x 3 w/equal recovery
  • Friday – 45-55 minute regular run
  • Saturday – 75 minute LSD
  • Sunday – Rest

Total mileage this week: 35- 45 miles

2 thoughts on “Week One Spring Track

  1. Hey Mr. Saltmarsh!

    My name is Sam and I run for Newmarket High. I talked to Colin a little about pre season and stuff and now I’m coming to this page for some workouts! Just wanted to thank for for putting these together. They’re super convenient for just listening to while I do homework, shoot hoops, etc. Thanks again!


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