XC Preseason – Wk 8

With any luck, high school cross country season will begin in just a few months. Follow along with our training plan to prepare yourself for the upcoming season.

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Don’t miss these key workouts!

June 8th – Look at the total time spent running hills and don’t go over that. Warm up and cool down.

June 10th – Focus on good form and work on coordination. Don’t forget the strides after each piece.

June 11th – Long run with a fast finish. Put the pedal down towards the end of the run. Don’t start out too fast.

Resources: Color-coded Pace Chart, Core Routine, Weights, Form Drills

For Warrior XC only (sign-in required): Mileage Logs Girls | Boys

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  2. I want them back absolutely and every WHS x-c runner should as well

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