XC Preseason – Wk 18

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Follow along with our Warrior XC training plan to prepare yourself for the upcoming high school cross country season. Listen to the podcast for details about summer XC practices and general announcements.

Let’s get going! We’re hungry and ready to race! NH schools have a lot of decisions that need to be made regarding the fall sports season. XC is a low-risk sport as determined by the NFHS and the NHIAA. A decision regarding our sport can be made now.

Listen to this week’s Salty Talks podcast here.

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Hill Running Tips

  • Going uphill, you should have a slight forward body angle (lean in) in order to drive up the hill. This puts the body in a pushing position. Be ready to use your leg strength!
  • Run on the ball of your foot, the ground passing behind you is lower than the ground in front of you.
  • If you’re heel-striking while going uphill, it’s likely due to over striding. Keep your feet under you.
  • Initial foot contact should be directly below the hips on each running step.
  • Arm stroke must be aggressive
  • While running up an incline, the desired dorsiflexion (toes pointing up as you swing your leg forward) is exaggerated.Β In this way, hill running can improve overall running form.
  • By contrast, if the ankle joint is not dorsiflexed,Β the toe will drag against the rising ground and you will trip and take a digger and all your friends will laugh at you. Just kidding… maybe.

Questions? Ask below.

Resources: Color-coded Pace Chart | Core Routine | Form Drills

For Warrior XC only (sign-in required): Mileage Logs Girls | Boys

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