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Follow along with our Warrior XC training plan to prepare yourself for the upcoming high school cross country season. Listen to the podcast for details about summer XC practices and general announcements.

The season is a go! I repeat… The season is a go! Official practices for fall sports begin September 8th with competition beginning the very next week. We’ll run races with some modifications, but we will have chance to run.

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Kenyan Diagonals explained

Diagonals, in simplest terms is running from one corner of a football field, to the opposite corner fast. Then, jogging across the pitch (or the sideline for more recovery time) to start again. Usually, we begin the season with 10 minutes in September and progress to 20 minutes in October.

Normally we start the first few at around 20sec/100m speed and build to running around 16sec/100m pace for the majority of the workout. It’s essentially like a fartlek run, with short intervals and short recovery. It’s not done at maximum effort, but it’s done strong.

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Resources: Color-coded Pace Chart | Core Routine | Form Drills

For Warrior XC only (sign-in required): Mileage Logs Girls | Boys

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